Search Safe With SearchLock New Tab and Search Privacy Helper

December 14, 2016

Our internet and search privacy is worth fighting for and SearchLock has, up to this day, been fighting for it. With the battle getting harder each day, we are worried that our search privacy is being stepped on and discarded.

To combat the companies and agencies after our privacy by tracking our activities on the internet, SearchLock has created new web browser extensions that will help you keep your privacy and search safely: SearchLock New Tab and Search Privacy Helper.

SearchLock New Tab is a web browser extension that replaces your new tab with SearchLock’s new tab. To easily search for privacy, simply open a new tab and search using SearchLock’s privacy-friendly search engine.

Search Privacy Helper is a web browser extension that teaches you how to set SearchLock as your default search engine so that you can easily access SearchLock’s privacy-friendly search engine. After following the steps, you can now search using SearchLock in your omnibar.

You don’t need to install all these new web extension browsers along with SearchLock. Each can run on its own and is tailored depending on your preferences. Whether you want to search for privacy in your new tab, in your omnibar, or whenever you search, SearchLock has your privacy covered and protected.

You can download our web browser extensions here:

SearchLock New Tab:

Search Privacy Helper: