Google Remembers For You

July 28, 2016

Google Remembers For You

Have you ever kept a diary, and struggled to remember all the things that happened during the day?

Or have you ever had a night on the town and couldn’t remember much when you woke up the next day?

If your memory is not your strong suit, Google’s newest feature might be for you!

Google product manager Gerard Sanz revealed a new feature called Your Timeline. Google just introduced this feature to Android and desktop users. Your Timeline allows you to look at your Google Maps location history and, if you are also using Google Photos, will include any photos you took during that day at that particular location. It acts as a sort of modern and automated diary.

It is a very convenient way to keep a record of things, but if you’re concerned about your privacy, it may not be for you. Sanz assured users that all data is private, however. You and you alone can view Your Timeline: no one else, not even friends or family, can see it. Still, having all your locational information just lying in a corner isn’t a very good thing. Luckily, though, this feature has an opt-in opt-out option. If you don’t want Google to know every move you make, then they won’t.

For those users who aren’t too concerned about their privacy or are willing to take the risk, it’s a pretty great feature to be able to store all those events and happenings so you can easily remember them when you want to.

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