5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked. Here's What to Do.

September 11, 2014

It’s that time again. The time when a big service provider has to tell everyone to change their passwords due to a massive leak. But this time it’s Google and the leak is of 5 million passwords from Gmail.

gmail password leak
5 million Gmail passwords leaked. Thanks to user Cairo on Flickr for the photo.

That’s right, nearly 5 million gmail passwords were leaked a Bitcoin forum for the world to see. The good news? Much of the login information is quite old and probably out-of-date says an official spokesperson for Google.  This time around the leak may be more accurately described as a dump of credentials that were collected over years from phishing and hacking efforts, and many of the logins have since changed.

Here’s how to tell if your password was exposed

One option is to head on over to IsLeaked and enter your email address to see if your credentials were exposed.  If you are paranoid like me and don’t want to enter your email address into a form on a random website, you could just control + F the leaked file yourself to see if you’re in there.

Regardless of if your information has been exposed, you should probably change your password and enable 2-factor authentication so that even someone who knows your password can’t get in without also having your mobile phone.