Changes to Domain Name Rules Can Jeopardize Users' Privacy

July 07, 2015


US entertainment companies are pushing for a change in the domain name rules so that domains used for commercial purposes will not be allowed to use proxy registration services. This is an attempt to discover the identities of website owners whom they want to accuse of copyright and trademark infringement without a court order.

Currently, people are able to use proxy services to register their contact information and retain their privacy. If a company needs the contact details for a website, it must get a warrant and ask for the details from the proxy registration service. However, if this new rule is passed, contact information will be available to the public, which may endanger the website owner. The change may cause owners of domains to suffer from harassment, identity theft, and intimidation.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is against this change, as the current rules protect whistleblowers who expose crimes and corruption.

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