Apps That Protects Online Privacy

September 08, 2016

Much like SearchLock, other apps, such as Ghostery and, promote privacy and anonymity online.

They help detect trackers and block advertisements from companies.
Ghostery and Disconnect work differently as they help you get rid of trackers in your browser. Ghostery looks at the HTML code on each website you visit to see discover “tags” or “trackers” placed by companies, while Disconnect includes you in their virtual private network (VPN), which blocks over 5,000 malicious trackers, malware sources, and identity thieves.

Ghostery is unique because it allows users to choose the trackers they want to block. Ghostery users are provided with information on the behaviors of trackers and the companies tracking them. If users want certain companies to continue tracking them, they can allow the companies to do so. However, both products share the goal of protecting your privacy online. Once you opt for their services, they take nothing from you except the things you allow them to. They don’t store your IP addresses or any other personal information.

Everyone has a right to privacy, even on the Internet. It’s good to know that companies are out there to help us protect our privacy online. SearchLock shares the same goal as these apps, and we believe in the importance of protecting your privacy.

Let’s all be more careful online and understand how our activities on the Internet can affect us!