Survey Reveals Americans Don't Care Being Spied On

March 25, 2016

Survey Reveals Americans Don’t Care Being Spied On

Years have passed since Edward Snowden’s revelation of NSA’s spying and many big companies have been hacked, yet it seems Americans are still unconcerned about protecting their online privacy. A study by Pew Research Center showed that only 17% of 475 adult Americans said that they were “very concerned” about government surveillance and 35% answered they were “somewhat concerned.” The respondents were aware that what the government was doing was wrong but they didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

On the bright side, 25% of the respondents who were aware of the government’s surveillance had altered their behavior on social platforms, such as using a stronger password and using social media less. Others had even opted to meet and talk in person rather than using their cell phone. Unfortunately, many people are still using search engines that do not protect you from tracking, they don’t encrypt their emails, and they have not opted for privacy-protecting plug-ins such as SearchLock.

This news is very alarming to us, the SearchLock team since people are basically throwing away one of their fundamental rights. Everybody is entitled to their privacy and it should be protected. That’s what SearchLock is fighting for. We want people’s privacy to be maintained and respected.

If you haven’t read it yet, our team has listed a few easy steps for how you can increase your online protection. Read the article here.

Read the full survey and findings here.